About Us

Ohio Hemp Farmers Cooperative

We are a group of hemp farmers bringing the reality and sustainability of hemp farming to many.  We are building our Ohio Hemp Community and contribute to our hemp family by helping them all the way throughout the farming process. 

Commitment - What We Do

Together we buy the necessary equipment, products and inputs in bulk, saving a tremendous amount of time, research, and money. In return our hemp partners can also rent farming equipment off of the co-op. In the future, there is a possibility for us to buy your crop off of you after harvest. Need help? We're here to help you succeed and make your efforts more profitable, and make the hemp industry in Ohio sustainable for all. 

Ohio Hemp Community

Whether starting out with one acre, or turning your entire current farm into hemp, we've got you covered. Together we have strength in numbers. With hemp industry professionals and experience, you will have the help you need for YOUR SPECIAL CROP.